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 There are still substantial differences between the respective national standards of investor protection in the various member states of the European Union.

The Association is to be formed with the awareness that investor protection can only function effectively in the European Union, if its citizens are not only protected by law, but also know and exercise their rights.

Although cross-border market access has become more liberal as a result of the free movement of services and capital, it has on the other hand become more dangerous for the consumer. The opening-up of the markets has made it possible to render certain services across borders. Citizens unacquainted with the law are faced with new situations and confronted with legal systems unfamiliar to them.

The objective of the Association is to offer capital investors support in safeguarding their interests at European level, particularly by collaborating with consumer-friendly institutions such as consumer protection associations, supervisory authorities, investigative authorities, solicitors and similar institutions.

The purpose of the Association is to also promote the exchange of information among investors, national and international supervisory and regulatory authorities, criminal prosecution authorities and the press, warn against dubious investments, assist in clearing up cases of damage or loss
and heighten the level of awareness of the risks associated with capital investments. Additionally, the Association shall engage in researching the regulations of the respective national law governing capital markets, in comparing laws and in analysing the effectiveness of the implementation of EU directives and the application of EU regulations.

In addition to observing prevailing national and European law, the Association is to also offer assistance in the pursuit of claims of aggrieved capital investors. In particular, the purpose of the Articles of Association shall be met by helping to find suitable law firms, by performing public relations work and by answering queries (beyond legal advice).

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